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Secret Files is a Finnish CRO (Contract Research Organization) and expert organization, founded in 1999. We are focused on high quality coordination of clinical trials in Finland and other Nordic countries. We are also offering our experience and expertise to you in training and consultation.

Suomen Vahvimmat
Ritva Loponen
CEO and Founder

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Äyritie 16

+358 (0)44 534 5542
if.selif-terces@ filesselif

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Secret Files was established
From home office to a new office facility
First employee hired
Number of employees 6
Company continued to grow and expanded to 14 employees
New partner Farenta Oy and new office location nearby Helsinki-Vantaa airport
First Medical Writers employed
Celebrating 15 years in business

Our story

By the end of 90's I had been working as a CRA for 9 years for various companies and I had a vision – to establish my own company which would provide coordinating services of clinical trials based on ethical principles and respect of our customers.

In 1999 I realized my dream and Secret Files Oy was established.

From here the journey began with many challenges faced by hard work and, from time to time, with some luck as well. The key to our success has been our high quality requirements and our diligent and professional staff.

Secret Files offers the key attributes to build a solid partnership and mutual success; a professional reputation, honoring commitments, demanding high expertise of ourselves and a motivated staff.

If you are looking for professional service, please contact us.